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Take a stand against animal poaching and support a better future for wildlife conservation with SnareWare jewelry! 

Handcrafted with repurposed snare wire by a rural community in the Baviaanskloof, South Africa, each piece of SnareWare jewelry tells a unique story of transformation and hope. By removing wire snares from the bush and turning them into stunning accessories, we not only protect precious wildlife but also create sustainable livelihoods for local artisans.

Every purchase of SnareWare jewelry is a powerful statement in favor of nature conservation and anti-poaching efforts. Stand out with stylish earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more, all while making a real impact.

Rock Face
Rock Face

About us:

SnareWare is a startup business, community upliftment, and biodiversity conservation project that makes use of repurposed snare wire to create jewelry and other artifacts. Snare wire is a tool that is used by poachers to trap and kill wildlife.


SnareWare aims to find and remove snare wires from natural areas and repurpose them into something beautiful. This creates income for the local community and raises awareness for nature conservation and anti-poaching.

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